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Dear site users

Due to popular demand, general safety and confidence of both the buyers and the sellers,starting from 1st of October 2019, Pristine network will be acting as an intermediary between sellers and buyers on our site.

The objective is to boost buyers and sellers confidence in the process of demand and supply on the site,prevent fraud and to ensure that purchased item/items get to buyers safely and seller gets their payment on time.

Therefore, a save payment gateway will be introduced starting from the stated date.

As a seller, you will be notified immediately with all details of a purchased item by a customer including the delivery address and we will expect you to ensure quick dispatch of such item to your customer after which your payment will be remmited directly into your bank account.

Sellers are advised to ensure that a product is marked /tagged with fixed price.

Customer:The telephone numbers of sellers are displayed,you may call a seller to negotiate the price of a product,once the price is agreed, you are advised to return to the site to purchase the product via the checkout link on pristine network

Sellers:A customer might call to negotiate the price of a product,if a consensus is reached,you could login to your admin page to edit the price of such product for the particular customer for him to purchase it ,after which you could go back to edit again to the original price. Always advice buyers to checkout via the checkout link provided on prisine network.

If you have uploaded a product without a price tag,endeavour to please put a price tag on it as soon as possible. For any queries ,use the contact us link on the site to send a message and we would respond promptly.

Note:See Transaction Charges here

Delivery:please ensure you factor in the delivery charges with the price of your product reasonably in relation to the customers address.If a customer lives far away,then the delivery charges can then be discussed between the buyer and the seller with pristine network acting in between. See delivery advice here

Thank You

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