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  • Trump Administration Approves Tougher Visa Vetting-Things you must do as a Nigerian to beat the vetting
  • The new questions, part of an effort to tighten vetting of would-be visitors to the United States, was approved on May 23 by the Office of Management and Budget despite criticism from a range of education officials and academic groups during a public comment period. Critics argued that the new questions would be overly burdensome, lead to long delays in processing and discourage international students and scientists from coming to the United States.

    While the new questions are voluntary, the form says failure to provide the information may delay or prevent the processing of an individual visa application.

    However, In order to beat America's vetting system, as a young Nigerian,you will have to ask yourself the following pertinent questions.

    Why am i being subjected to series of vettings because i want to visit America

    Why am i not having an easy pass to America

    Why is America so difficult to enter.

    Why is it that Americans are not scrambling to come to Nigeria? like we are scrambling to go to America

    and then you could ultimately ask yourself

    Why do i even need to go to America.

    The answwer to all the above questions lies within you. Reason-

    You voted bad leaders to manage the resources that would have make America to exempt you from visa,this is because nationals of certain countries do not need visa to get into America.Eg , citizens of several european countries only need to get plane ticket and off they go.

    You collected token to sell your vote and get election rigged so that people like, Obj, Jonathan, Deziani,Melaye etc emerge as your leader.Otherwise, the money they are stealing and have stolen would have provided you and your unborn generation jobs that would make you care less about going to America except for holidays.

    Therefore, you will have an easy pass to America,or You will have no reason at all going to America except for visit if you challenge the thieves of our common wealth and resources.If you don't want your children to scramble for American visa like you are doing,or like you have done, ask your government to start putting thieves in jail for a long time.

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