• Japanese Clerk Allegedly Stole Over 1,300 Credit Cards By Instantly Memorizing All the Numbers
  • Memory is a fickle thing, a seemingly visceral collection of past moments stored in our heads.

    Instead of developing an intricate electronic card skimmer, or pulling off an elaborate online scam, a cashier in Japan used the most undetectable tool imaginable to steal the credit card info of over 1,300 customers: his immaculate and instant photographic memory.

    Yusuke Taniguchi, a 34-year-old part-time cashier working at a mall in Koto City, Japan, is the latest person to put us all to shame with his mental abilities.

    There was no physical theft or elaborate electronic scam with someone’s contactless card: Taniguchi nicked people’s money by remembering all of their card details.

    The clerk was able to remember the customer’s name, credit card number, expiration date, and security code in the time it took to complete a transaction, and then note down those details in a packed notepad.

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    While it’s yet to be confirmed whether Taniguchi has a photographic memory, which allows details to be accurately recalled months after they’re observed, or an eidetic memory, which allows them to be accurately recalled for a few minutes afterwards.

    However, with such genius comes shortfalls in the common sense department. Police were able to prosecute the shop assistant using his lengthy physical evidence.

    Also, he bought two shoulder bags valued at a total of 270,000 yen ($2,500) which were delivered to his apartment, ultimately leading the police there along with them.

    According to SoraNews24, Taniguchi told police that he was going to sell the items in a pawn shop in order to pay for living expenses like food and rent.

    His nefarious actions are bound to inspire some Rain Man-level amazement, but his financial theft could have crippled some poor soul’s bank account.

    Having a photographic memory isn’t as just as simple as having a really excellent one. Oxcoll have a test you can take which will allegedly prove if you are gifted with such a brilliant memory.

    However, if Taniguchi’s story tells us anything, it’s that having an unreal memory doesn’t testify one’s intelligence. What a fanny.

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