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Wrist watches

Type : Wrist watches Price:N7,000

Clutch bag

Type : Bag Price:N8,000

Virgin kinky curl

Type : Virgin Price:N45,000

Accessories box

Type : Accessories box Price:N7,500

Ladies Bags

Type : Bag Price:N4,500

Quality Shoe

Type : Shoe Price:N36,500

Female bag

Type : Bag Price:N10,000

Male Shoes

Type : Shoe Price:N5,000

Female bag

Type : Bag Price:N5,000

Hair twister

Type : Hair twister Price:N6,000

Male clothings

Type : Clothing Price:N10,000

Femalr footwear

Type : Female footwear Price:N2,500


Type : Bags Price:N5000


Type : Jewelry Price:Negotiable

Mens wear

Type : Mens wear Price:N10,000

Wrist watches

Type : Wrist watches Price:N2,500


Type : Quality Bag Price:N8,000

Mini Bag

Type : Bag Price:N8,500

Orthopedic mattress

Type : 6*6*8inches Price:N110,000

Female wear

Type : Female wear Price:N7,000


Type : Clothings Price:N5,000

Laser Machine

Type : Brand new Price:N272,000

Enertainment tool

Type : Drum set Price:N185,000

Female clothings

Type : Female Price:N12,000

Female shoes

Type : Female Price:N7,000


Type : Landed property Price:N-


Type : 3mls of Perfume Oils Price:N1,000 for 1bottle

Quality Bag

Type :Bag Price:N4,500

Kids Shoes

Type :Kids Price:Negotiable

Geneva Bracelet

Type :Bracelet Price:N1,800

Quality Bag

Type :Bag Price:N7,500

Quality Sneakers

Type :Sneakers Price:N6,000

Health & wellbeing

Type :Health & wellbeing Price:N8,000

Ladies footwear

Type :Footwear Price:N10,000

Quality Bag

Type :Bag Price:N6,000

Quality shoe

Type :shoe Price:N35,000

Ladies Dress

Type :Ladies Price:Negotiable

Health & wellbeing

Type :Health & wellbeing Price:N4,500K

Beads $ wire works

Type :Beads and wire works Price:N15K

Quality sneakers

Type :Sneakers Price:N7K

Estee Lauder Bag

Type :Travel Bag Price:N7K

Quality wrist watch

Type:Quality wrist watch Price:N45K

Beauty collective

Type:Everlasting foundation Price:N6,290K Negotiable

House for sale in lekki

House for sale in Agungi Lekki Price:N50M

House for sale in Ekiti

Type of prop:House for sale in Ekiti Price: N22M

Ladies bags

Type of prop:Ladies bags Price:N15k Negotiable

Wrist watch for men

Type of prop:Wrist watch Price: Negotiable

Quality Ladies footwear

Type of prop:Footwear Price:N10K Negotiable

Designer shoe

Type of prop:Gucci Price:N20K Negotiable

Beauty collective

Type :Essential set Price:N9,270

House for sale

Type :3bedrooms flat Price:N4.5M


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